Thursday, October 04, 2007

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I am sitting in a physics building lecture hall in my Statistics class. I don't often bring my laptop to classes because [as this clearly illustrates] it is a distraction. I always feel bad when I haven't written in a while and compelled to "update" the blog on the occurences between posts that have gone undocumented. I don't think I want to detail the dramatic and depressing events that made up my first month or so back in Athens [damn you, Shannon], but I suppose it's ok to talk about semi-recent happenings.

I finally got my first official/"on-a-pay-roll" job a few weeks ago. I am working as a desk assistant in Russell Hall. Thusfar I am really enjoying it. I've gotten to meet some cool new people [co-workers, supervisor, and the RAs] and come to appreciate my time in Reed. hahahahaha! I would have DIED if I'd have let them put me in Russell. I'm really glad that I've gotten to know one of the RAs, Dustin, a little better. I knew of him from before through Long, but only just talked to him this semester. He's oddly fascinating and reminds me a lot of Stoner. [They both have the type of Southern accent that I can actually appreciate.] He's also one of the few people that I like because we don't necessarily agree on everything. He's got to be my only gay friend that was born Catholic and remains religious and he seems to share the same idea on marraige as the annoying shits in my PoliSci class from last year. However, hearing from Dustin isn't so annoying or abrasive, but intriguing -- make me want to know why he feels that way. He also a blog that I find interesting and has sparked my interesting in picking back up here on my own blog. So I am back! Thanks to Dustin.

In other news: my birthday is this Saturday!!!
Like last year, my birthday present from my parents is airfare to Chicago for Fall Break [the weekend before Halloween]. This year im celebrating my birthday in Chicago and Georgia is throwing me a birthday party at her boyfriend Kannan's place. The theme is "Party Like A Pornstar!" We're all supposed to dress up as porno character clich├ęs [pizzaboy, plumber, cheerleader, nurse, etc.]. I've yet to decide on what I'm gonna wear, but I'm really excited about my trip. However, I don't think that my birthday itself is going to be quite as exciting this weekend back here in Athens. Last weekend, Mum and Sasha came to visit since they weill both be busy this weekend and unavailable. SO I'm trying to get everyone that I know in Athens to join me Friday night at Detour to kick my birthday off right. [And Erica is supposed to me going with me on my first trip to Cracker Barrel this weekend aswell! haha.]


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